10 Pieces Bundles of Elux Max 4000 puff bar Airflow Adjustable Rechargeable Vape disposable 2 ml e-liquid

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Note About Device Charging:

The Device should be charged with a 1 amp charging source because it cannot handle higher voltage than 1 amp. You can connect its micro USB cable with your laptop, smart TV or games console for device charging.


10 Pieces Bundles Elux Max 4000 Puffs is eagerly paying heed to the customer’s need. We are playing our significant role in providing the best quality disposable vapes that will never disappoint the customers for sure. Because these vapes offer two ranges regarding nicotine percentage in the e-liquid that is 2% of its concentration in a 2ml e-liquid tank, it amazingly provides more than 4000 flavourful puffs with resistance of dual 1.2ohm with the push of a 650mAh battery. We are the talk of the town, and our customer reviews speak louder than anything we say. That’s why we are pretty enthusiastic to welcome you into the family if you haven't yet made any order.   

Specifications of Elux Max 4000 Puffs:

  • Nicotine 2% 
  • Up to 4000 puffs
  • 2 ml e-liquid 
  • Battery 650 mAh 
  • Resistance: Dual 1.2 ohm 
  • Available in 21 different colours

 Are you ready to try something that is able to give you a thrilling touch of typical cigarettes? If yes, you are on the right page that will never make you feel disappointed. Elux Max 4000 is rocking the world by offering this fantastic disposable vape that provides you with more than 4000 flavourful puffs. If we discuss the flavours, then it would be an honour to say that Elux Max 4000 offers a wide range of 21 exquisite flavours. We go the extra mile to make our vapers feel special by making each puff the same as the prior one. It carries a 650mAh battery inside, providing excellent results with 1.2ohm resistance. So, don’t miss the opportunity to be in the skies. 

Elux Max 4000 Flavours: 

Fresh Mint: Fresh mint gives your a thrill of freshness.

Blueberry Raspberry: Its flavour hints like a sweet candy that refreshes your breath. 

Peach Mango: Peach Mango is one of the flavours that give you double taste because mango gives you a pure sweet flavour, but peach brings contradiction between sweet and sour flavour. 

Blueberry Pomegranate: It is a fantastic blend of two fruits, and both taste sweet and sour.  

Watermelon Ice: It is such a flavour that can take you to the skies by hitting your sense of relaxation. Because it always tastes chilled and fruity.

Red Bull: Its taste hints at the flavour of caffeine that gives you a high while vaping.

Red Apple: Red apple tastes very sweet. It will make each puff pretty sweet and refreshing.                                     

Pink Lemonade: Pink Lemonade is a fantastic amalgam fruit of red and pink tints, and it also contains red food colour. It smells awesome.

Pineapple: Pineapple flavour is a sweet and juicy flavour that makes your puffs superb.

Peach ice: If you are ready to enjoy a slushy flavour and deal with your double taste cravings, then go for it.

Guava: Guava is a simple but mouthwatering flavour.

Strawberry: Don’t forget to taste Elux Max 4000 in strawberry flavour to bring a spark to your life. 

Cola Ice: If you are a cola lover, it is a fair suggestion that this flavour is made for you.

Passion Fruit Ice: This one is a rare and mindblowing flavour as it represents passion fruit. The taste of the passion fruit is so confusing.  A hint of the taste of kiwi would be helpful.  

Grape: Grapes are blessed with some different sort of sweet taste that hints a bit like sour. 

Blueberry Sour Raspberry: Elux Max 4000 has a gift for their vapers, and that is Sour Raspberry flavour because it makes you feel like you are chewing sweet and sour candy. 

Berry Apply Banana: This flavour gives you to enjoy a variety of so many berries, sweet apples and sweet meshy bananas. 

Fuji Melon: Fuji Melon is the most expensive, rare and splendid juicy fruit that is not in range of everyone. It tastes sweeter than the sweetest melon. 

White Peach Razz: It blesses with the flavour of sweet peach and slightly juicy raspberries. 

Peach Blueberry Candy: Don’t forget to make your vape puffs flavourful with sweet peach and fresh candy-like juicy berries.  

Cotton Candy: Cotton Candy flavour is a jammy sweet flavour.

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